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Basic Linkbuilding Mechanics to Know Before You Outsource The Best SEO Service for Building Quality Backlinks More and more businesses nowadays suffer from increased online competition. It is a fact that the only way for conventional brick and mortar businesses to remain competitive in this new environment is to also create an online presence for their businesses on the Internet. One of the sure-fire ways to make yourself visible online is by getting your business onto the first page of Google's search results through a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which involves heavy backlinking activities. Many webmasters think that they could simply engage the best SEO service for building quality backlinks and then sit back and watch their numbers grow. Could it be that simple? This article breaks down the entire backlinking mechanics, separating what's fluff and what's real. best SEO service for building quality backlinks There are many types of backlinks that your SEO service could build, such as Social Bookmarks, Article Directories, Forum Profiles, Blog Comments, Press Releases, and the list could go on and on. When you outsource, make sure that they cover as many types of backlinks as possible, in order for them to get the best link diversity for your website. The worst scenario is that your SEO service provides you with only one type of backlink. If this is the case, your SEO campaign is likely not going to be very effective due to lack of link diversity. There are also certain types of backlinks that are considered to be superior than others, such as Local Citations (if you're doing local SEO), backlinks from video sites (such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc...) and Press Releases. They are considered superior as they're usually high in PR, and can hardly be built in bulk. Therefore, these backlinks are less likely to be viewed as splinks (spam links) by Google. Other types of backlinks, on the other hand, such as Social Bookmarks, Forum Profiles, Blog Comments, etc... are more likely to be viewed as splinks since they are often built in bulk using automated software. Google would be more careful in assessing whether these links are best SEO service for building quality backlinks genuine, and therefore, you should never point thousands of these links to your money site all at once, especially when your website is still very young (except for the situation discussed below). That is the fastest way to get your website penalized by Google. It is disheartening to learn that a good number of SEO companies that label themselves as the best SEO service for building quality backlinks often prioritizes building splinks for their clients since they could produce huge quantity of backlinks in a very short amount of time. Clients are misled to think that the more is better, but often times that is not the case. best SEO service for building quality backlinks Some SEO professionals make use of both types of backlinks to cleverly craft out a systematic way to make the best out of both worlds. One of such ways is known as link pyramid, where only superior links are built to the money site, and then flood those superior links with splinks to give the superior links even more authority than they already have. For example, you have a video uploaded to YouTube and at the description of the video, a backlink is placed back to your money site. Then, the SEO professional would build thousands of social bookmarking links (splinks) to the YouTube video page that you've just built. Because it is very unlikely that Google would penalize high PR websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc..., it acts as a cushion between the splinks and your money site, while your money site still receives all the goodness of the splinks. Even in the worst case scenario where Google indeed penalizes the YouTube page, all you've lost is only a backlink. Your website is still safe from penalty. It is important to keep this basic backlinking knowledge in mind while you sift through the list of best SEO service for building quality backlinks that most SEO companies brand themselves as. Remember to ask lots of questions before engaging one, and make sure that they have excellent reviews before handing over your money.