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 As I was hanging out with my pals' four children, I recognized that a common, most-adored, and repeatedly viewed plans had basic figures, soft audio and lots of "hi, join us within our satisfied dancing," someday inside the display.    Allow your heroes to defeat adversity, whether they learn to try new meals, support a buddy, or figure out how to make use of the toilet.  It could be delicate bears, a special blankie or granny's panel. The blankie is missing; who will believe it is? Perhaps you can have a daily regimen like good-night bears and develop an account wherever parents must go away overnight as well as the baby miracles who'll hug her goodnight.  Should you choosen't utilize small kids and common controls, then simulate "The Hungry Caterpillar" or big books with dog babies included. Our dentist includes a warm aquarium using a several clown fish inside it and each and every time I visit children runin and look openmouthed in the aquarium, then change for the remaining portion of the waiting-room and squeal, "I view NEMO!"  * Make talk believable to the kid. Do not know if your discussion is authentic?  * The younger the child, the less the figures needed to inform the story. As kids mature and they discover their own cultural arenas broaden, incorporating more figures or groups of friends engages the kid within the tale.   

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